Hemispheres paysage
Maintenance :

Hémisphères Paysage©can take care of any aspect of garden maintenance :
  • mowing
  • turf / lawn refurbishment
  • hedge trimming
  • strimming
  • digging over and airing of garden beds
  • weeding and cleaning of flower beds
  • tree and shrub pruning
  • arboriculture
  • green waste removal
  • pest and disease control

Contracts :

Hémisphères Paysage© offers you different types of maintenance contracts based on your needs. They range from a ‘one-off’ intervention to do a clean up and get things back into shape, to a yearly programme where we come in at key moments in the life of your garden, or can be a fully comprehensive contract where we take care of everything and make sure that your garden always looks its best. We also offer the potential to have seasonal plantations of bulbs and annuals to give your garden colour and interest at different times of the year as well as irrigation contracts where we set up tailor-made temporary irrigation systems when and as required.