Hemispheres paysage
Design :

The creation of ‘espaces verts’ is our speciality – every space is unique and has its own specificities. From a detailed analysis of terrain, soil type & sun exposition, we try to find the solution that works best for your space - whether it’s a garden, a courtyard or a terrace. Here at Hémisphères Paysage©, we like to think we listen to the needs of our clients which is why we involve the clients and their specific requirements in the process of design to ensure maximum satisfaction.

An initial meeting with the client allows for precise measurements and analysis of the site to be carried out as well as a detailed discussion of what the client wants. Trying to define the specific needs of the clients in terms of space use, style and lifestyle, the discussion also considers timing and budget for the future project.

A second meeting is then organized during which the client is presented with several designs which serve as a basis for discussion to refine the definitive project: colours, materials, textures and plant selection are all taken into account. .

Once the project is defined, detailed pricing and timing is given to the client to agree on before the project gets underway